quickFilters (eventually may) go Pro

In order to support the ongoing improvement of this mail addon, I have decided to offer a professional version of quickFilters in which some additional "power" features will be added. This is necessary as my country of residence just got so expensive due to additional taxes (water, house tax) and my wife had to give up her job as nurse due to health reasons. I am still investing a large portion of my free time to the development of addon code in the mail sphere and I would like to continue doing so in the future.

I have decided that the best way forward would be to use the freemium model which offers two versions, one for free which has standard features and shows the donation link whenever the software is updated and a registered professional version which asks for small fee in order to fund development and support.

Version Details

All dates are displayed in UK format: dd/mm/yyyy - you can request any version that is marked as not released or any old version listed; simply send me a personal email from the quickFilters Options dialog, on the Support tab - [(Jump to Screen Shot)].