quickFilters now uses Bugzilla to maintain information on all bugs. It is relatively easy to submit a bug report or upload screen shots, you will have to create a free account with bugzilla to do this. As with a lot of the Software under the Mozilla development envelope this is also a very community driven experience, the more people contribute the better and more efficient work on future versions of quickFilters will be.

Latest bugs filed for quickFilters

Bug #Description
26458 quickFilters automatically processes any message that I select with the mouse
26457 Auto processing of filters with tags when option is off
26456 Update filter when a folder is being moved
26441 Thunderbird 57 hangs on start with quickFilters enabled
26373 Sort definitions within a filter
26371 Option to Create filter in local folders
26360 Thunderbird 52 Filter List - search function not working
26354 When merging / creating a filter, selected "run on folder" automatically
26303 Removes capability of matching in "body"
26250 New Filter not saved if list hidden

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